Raw material

    We import and export high quality cereals and seeds in large volumes and we distribute them with our brand known guarantee.

    What we do

      We import seeds arround worlwide, cleaning, packaging and distribution. We generate specific mixtures for birds and rodents, as well as adapting its packaging to each customer for large volumes.


        Our packaging robotic machinery packs all our products. This gives us flexibility and allows us to make custom packagings.

        We can help you

        We are at your disposal. We pack our mixtures to your needs, in packages of 25kg, 5kg and small packages. Our usually distributed products: niger seeds, hemp seed, canary seed and others.

        kric brand

        Learn more about Krik. Our own brand of food for birds and rodents. Species of animals: parrots, canary parakeets, parrots, dwarf rabbits, hamsters…

        Why should you trust Cereals Anoia

        We select the best seeds and grains and we keep it in our facilities in a perfectly controlled conditions.
        We have the ability to adapt the delivery format that requires each client, from small to large volume packaging.

        Many years of experience chosing seeds and grain endorse our effort to finally launch our own brand to the market.

        Find Out!

        Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the range of seeds and grains we have. We can offer many packaging sizes to suit your needs worldwide.

        FIND OUT!

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